Republic of Malta and kENUP lead pan-European initiative
on fair compensation for creative rightsholders

Video by courtesy of Republic of Malta, Office of the Prime Minister, Parliamentary Secretariat for Financial Services, Digital Economy and Innovation 2017
The digital revolution has brought tremendous opportunities to European society at large, and to the music industry in particular. Recording artists, composers and creatives in many other fields now have the power to reach and connect directly with their fans at a scale never before seen. In parallel, however, many have also seen their work become devalued - while use of their work has increased significantly, incomes have not, and despite the vast volumes of data being generated through consumers’ use of online services, there is limited transparency for artists and composers as to how their work is actually being used online. 

Thus, the Republic of Malta is spearheading a pan-European initiative aimed at getting the maximum potential for artists out of EU Directive 2014/26. Creating a fair and transparent compensation system for streaming of digital music will be critical for the future success of Europe´s creative community and its digital economy. 

With the aim to formally recognize the individual and collective requirements of artists, industry organizations as well as those of the internet industry, a public e-Hearing on has been held on October 2, 2017 in kENUP's offices, with close to 300 stakeholders from 20 countries participating either in person or through the internet.  
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat (Center), Dr. Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando (kENUP, right), Holm Keller (kENUP, left)
"Artists have spurred Europe ahead with their creativity, and important societal innovation has often followed suit. With the aim of ultimately allowing for an updated and just system for their compensation, we are now reaching out to emerging as well as established musicians to better understand their needs."

Joseph Muscat, Prime Minister of the Republic of Malta
For your reference, please find below the documents used during the eHearing on October 2, 2017
In lieu of meeting notes, please refer to the summary given at the end of the eHearing, as recorded from the live stream. 

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